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The ”I Missed You Guys” Episode



Welcome new and old friends to the return of TCIKI? Podcast!


We have A LOT to discuss , talk about , dive into and explore in todays return episode of my 6 month hiatus!

Pregnancy , Car-Less , Taking care of my Wife , My dog getting attacked , Depression , ups & downs and everything in between..


Feels good to be back and once the smoke settles there will be more episodes , of course on all platforms , i appreciate it from everyone , new and old !!


Big Ant

The ”Texaco Gas” Episode.



Tonights episode we have a very special guest , anticipated and well long overdue , my boy , Texaco Millz stopped by the podcast!


We discuss the music side of his career , insights , do's and don'ts and we played a small version of "Hot or Not" with some of todays artists.


From influences getting in the rap game , to why he does it and what else he looks for on to why he keeps pushing to achieve success. From videos to shows and everything in between! Make sure to stop by and kick it with us on tonights episode!




Big Ant

The ”Welcome Back” Episode.

WE BACK?...for real this time.. lol.


Another episode down, one more closer to 100!


Tonights episode we sit down and play catch up. We discuss upcoming episodes , the return of Martinez got Jokes , Premi Sterling and how i feel about expecting....A BABY!


So come catch up with me , tune in , and kick it with us on another episode of #TCIKIP !!

The Final ”Update” Episode.



We're still rocking ! , Another update episode is here , it's the final episode of 2021 . With that being said we discuss the future of the podcast moving forward and into 2022. Everything in between from news , to ideas , to shoutouts and more! So tune in and make sure to be here in the start of 2022 for the brand NEW and IMPROVED CAN I KICK IT? PODCAST!!


Big Ant.

The “Depressed” Episode.



Tonights episode we sit and discuss some minor things like Jake Pauls fight , Kanye West new Album , CM Punks return to wrestling and some other things in between..


But Tonights main topic?, Depression.


I sit and discuss what depression means to me , how i learned to cope and adapt to it , how it changed me , and give some advice on what to do and what to look into when feeling and or are depressed or dealing with distress.


Very personal and informative episode , just reaching out to those to let them know they are NOT ALONE!



Big Ant

The ”Marvelous 10” Episode.

I can only choose 10!?   Tonights welcoming back episode we have a few shoutouts to give , to my co host Martinez Got Jokes , and the entire crew over at The Splits Podcast !   Shortly after that i go into my Top 10 list of my favorite Marvel Heroes ! This list was too hard and i actually made a Top 20 but eventually narrowed it down and got it right.   So WELCOME BACK and KICK IT WITH ME on tonights Episode!   Big Ant.

The “Deep Part of The Wells” Episode.



We sit down with a good friend of mine on tonights episode , none other than the man himself , Randal Wells!


We dive deep into his character , his lifestyle , music side and podcasting side too! What its like being a doggy dad , ups and down of being in the Foster Community and even what it was like being on tv. (Making The band 4).


Who he's met on the way , how he gets things done to how he perceives the outcome from so many obstacles , this episode was a blast to do! We even shared some old school memories along the way..


So come kick it with us as we get to know Randal that much more..


Big Ant

The “21 Questions” Episode.



Tonights episode we sit and go over some questions i was sent in from social media(s). A wide variety of different questions arranging from who i am , describing myself , to giving advice and childhood memories!


So come kick it with me and enjoy the questionnaire and a couple of updates and a NEW INTRO SONG for this season!


Big Ant

The “A Podcast , Diss Song , and IG Story Pt 2.” Episode.

Let me just say this...


Tonights episode we sit and talk about another issue i have within my circle of "friends" lol. I sit down and discuss even more on the "diss" song , subliminal shots through IG stories , manning up to actually call me out and everything in between in regards to the ENTIRE situation at hand.


i wasnt here to make friends nor make fun of people so this is clearly me airing it out and giving you guys the to end and all end of conversations.




Big Ant

The “Season Opener” Episode.



Tonights season premiere we dive into stats , most downloaded episodes of season 8 , episode breakdowns , and much more 

We also dive into the topic of having a "type" of woman while being in a relationship , and the topic of "cheating" ..


So let's Roll , NEW season , almost at 100 episodes!



TRC -The “I’m Not a Rapper Tho” Episode.

Music on top of music!


Tonights late upload of the TRC me and Martinez sit and discuss each others bodies of work as of recent. His "Midlife Crisis" Tape and my very own EP entitled "Motives".


We discuss what we liked , our gripes , listed from best to last on tracks and gave our opinions on each project. Not to mention backstories on some of the songs , naming of the songs and projects themselves.


So kick back and tune in !


Big Ant

TRC - “A Diss song , A Boxer & A Dog” Episode.

"He Said what? about who?"

Tonights TRC we talk about my dive back into making music , my latest freestyle turned diss and why i did it , also talking about tonights fight with Logan Paul and Money Mayweather and touch a little but on DMX's latest album after death , Exodus.


From diss tracks to boxers to rappers and much more come kick it with me and Martinez Got Jokes on another episode of The Rewind Clip Today !!


Big Ant

The “Off Season” Episode.

The Real is back..


Tonights TRC episode we talk about J Coles latest release - The Off Season.


Me and Martinez go back and forth with a in depth review on songs, production , content , bars and so much more.


With some comparisons to his previous works and tracks in mind we see where The Off Season sits in his list of albums , what we liked the most and everything in between from the entire album.


So kick back , and see what we thought of the albumin its entirety.


Big Ant.

The “Old Friends , New Hobbies” Episode.

He's doing what now?..


Today's catch up episode we're talking about old friends , with new hobbies!


Two friends in particular , my boys Christian Cruz & Kato.


Cruz has a new blog titled "The Cruz Ship" & You guys already know about Kato and his adventures with acting , karate , and his own clothing line "Good People".


I sit and discuss , my outtakes on both of them doing what they love , the journey , the ups and downs , the success and the future of their crafts. From start to finish and everything in between!


So kick back , and enjoy!


Big Ant

The “Comedy Corner” Episode.

Laughter is the best medicine.


Tonights episode we have a returning guest , Ty Sterling!


We sit down and discuss a variety of topics , comedy , his past , present and future shows and everything in between.


We talk about whats new , whats been happening within his journey as a comedian , return of the rapid fire questions and so much more !


So kick back , tune in and enjoy..


Big Ant

TRC - “A Podcast , a Dog and a Dentist” Episode.



Tonights TRC we welcome back Martinez Got Jokes !  Fresh off of surgery and all.


We sit back and discuss the Joe Budden Podcast without Rory & Maul , our input on the "split up" and opinions on the new content that Joe is dishing out .


We also talk about the passing of DMX and what he meant to us as a Artist , Influencer and more!


To start it off we dive into his molar surgery and his experiences before and the aftermath ..


Big Ant

The “Welcome to WrestleMania!” Episode.

Wrestlemania 37 !


Tonights episode i have my boy Dave aka J3rzeyRican stop by and we discuss our predictions and reviews on the match card(s) of WrestleMania 37 weekend!


I was watching from home and he was in attendance , from start to end , the good , bad ,and ugly we dive into the matches , performances , entrances and so much more!


So tune in and see if we got our predictions right and what grades we gave the matches and who left with new titles and everything in between.


Big Ant

The “Outta Broward” Episode.

This ones for Broward County!


Tonights Guest is none other than my boy , Suess !


We sit down and discuss a variety of topics including his passion for music , being a Florida rapper , upcoming album (Kings Kulture), some of the singles and much more!


We dive into his thought process behind songs , music videos etc.


So tune in with the King himself as we go deep in conversation and hit every hard hitting question on who Suess is and more!


Big Ant

The “MC Fitness” Episode.

Time 2 Flex !


Tonights first guest of Season 8 is none other than my good friend Mike Cohen!


We sit down and discuss his journey to opening up his own gym/training facility (MC FITNESS), the ups and downs in between , the obstacles and success to opening day coming on Monday.


We talk about childhood memories , what got him to this point and what to look forward to when he opens up shop.


Plus another round of "Rapid Fire" questions! 


So kick back & tune in to the latest episode of #TCIKIP .


Big Ant

TRC - What the Hook Gon’ Be?



Tonights first episode of season 8 , the TRC returns with a very unique session.


Me and Martinez sit and discuss and give our own Top 10 Best Hook-man , or hook writers and or artists.


Was def. a dope episode where we touched on a variety of subjects and topic matter and so much more in between.Thanks for a NEW season lets bang another 80 out !


Big Ant

The “Season Finale Jam!” Episode.

Everything good must come to an end..


Tonights SEASON 7 FINALE , I have my boy Jam come through to sit down and discuss some things.


We have a roundtable discussion on a variety of topics including cancel culture , podcasting , marriage , wrestling , and everything in between !


Jam also helps me incorporate a NEW segment to the podcast , "The Ask A Podcaster" bit where i have the guests ask ME some questions in return.


So kick back TUNE IN and enjoy the finale episode of SEASON 7! (80 EPISODES)..


Big Ant

The “Kato’s Korner” Episode

Ayo Katooooo !


The return of my TNN brother Kato !


Tonight's episode we sit and discuss a variety of topics from whats new with Kato , personal vacations , business choices , friends and support systems and so much more!


He also gives me his own set of questions !


Amazing episode , so kick back with us and enjoy tonights episode!


Big Ant

The “Last Chance” Episode.

It's your Last Chance!


Tonight's Flashback Friday episode is with my guest & best friend , Josh A.K.A Mr. Last Chance!


We sit and discuss a variety of topics from our childhood , growing up , starting his own business in resale , branding himself and becoming a Father and much more!


And with tonight's episode , the RETURN of the RAPID FIRE QUESTION SEGMENT!


So tune in and kick it with us on this Flashback Friday Episode!


Big Ant

TRC - Artist Spotlight: Ace Hood

Ace Hooooooood!


The TRC is back with another Artist Spotlight Segment , with Ace Hood tonight!


We dive deep into his career , comparisons , albums and mixtapes and him as an artist entirely.


We delivery our Top 10 favorite songs from our favorite projects , why we are fans , what we like most about his catalog and everything in between. So kick back and tune in as we go in depth over Ace Hood's contribution to the rap game and so much more!


Big Ant



The “Peoples” Episode.

For the People!


Tonights Bonus Episode , its for the People!


I compiled a LARGE list of "What people will do as soon as the pandemic is over". A long and diverse list of activities from all ranges! Tune in to see what made the list..




Did another round of IG polls with a TWIST! I had the audience from my Instagram page answer some pre-made questions and then had them turn around and ASK ME some questions in return. So tune in and see if you made the list , or was a part of the list(s)!


Big Ant

The “Fatality” Episode.



Tonights episode we sit down and discuss many topics including the NEW Mortal Kombat (2021) Trailer!


I'm back with more IG Polls , hip hop news and a small discussion about Lauryn Hill and her "legendary" status per say.


So kick back , and tune in! the TRC returns next Tuesday see you guys there! 

TRC - “The Turtles and The Rangers.” Epiosde.

Go Go Power....Turtles?


Tonights part 2 of the "Double Header Sunday" special the TRC sits down and discusses an array of topics..


First up , We introduce our main topic , Power Rangers vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


(And a bunch of off topic topics discussion as well lol)


Next we deliver our Top 5 favorite comedy sitcoms , Top 5 favorite cartoons growing up and to close it out , the main event , Power Rangers vs. TMNT!


So kick it with us on this lengthly episode and see where your personal picks landed!




Big Ant.

The ” Royal Rumble 2021 Review” Episode.



Todays first episode of the "Double Header Sunday" is all about WWE and The Royal Rumble!


I go in depth about the PPV , the matches , the rumbles , likes & dislikes and grades for each match and rumble. How did you like the show? Did your picks for the rumble matches win and what didn't you like? Jump in and see if we have the same picks and insights!


Closing out the episode i took to Instagram and made some poll questions to go over about social media , and friends unfollowing you etc.


So tune in , kick back , and enjoy!


Big Ant

The “Stand Up Guy” Episode.

We Back for Round 2!


Another BONUS episode tonight with my guest Ty Sterlin


As we sit down for a second time we speak on many subjects including doing stand up shows during the pandemic , the outcomes of his most recent shows , receptions and procedures before and after shows and much more!


We then end it all with a little music talk about the one and only Kodak Black himself..


So kick back , tune in and catch a vibe !

TRC - Artist Spotlight: Wale.

Artist Spotlight: Wale.


With the first TRC of 2021 we sit and have another segment of the TRC with an Artist Spotlight , Wale.


Me and Chris sit and discuss Wale as a whole , from being unique , underrated , underground sounding , to improving and changing his rap form to succeed..


We then discuss & rate his albums , and both give a MASSIVE TOP 20 FAVORITE SONGS from Wale himself.


So kick back , tune in , and tighten up your Nike boots for this one!


Big Ant

The “No Spoon” Episode.

The Masked Man Returns!


Tonights special BONUS episode we sit down with the legend himself , Emyhr Rhymes!


We have a sit down discussion about performing live during the pandemic , one of his music videos being on MTV & BET, his inspiration behind his latest album "No Spoon" , Mf Dooms passing and much more !


So come tune in , sit back and catch up with us on the latest episode of The Can I Kick It? Podcast!



Big Ant



The ” Ladies Man” Epiosde

They said what?!...


Tonights episode we're talking to the men from the ladies point of view. We have the Top 10 things women hate that men do on social media.


A diverse list to say the least , hoping a majority of my boys out there don't do ALL of the listed! So kick back and take notes and lets go over the list together!


P.S. A special shoutout to my boy Ty Sterlin in the intro with info on his latest gig is at the start of the show , show ya boy some love! #HOMETEAM . 


Big Ant

TRC -The “Back to The Future” Episode.

First TRC of 2021!


Tonights episode of the TRC we sit and discuss 2021..


From future plans and endeavors to advice and expectations with a little bit of everything else sprinkled in between.


We also discuss our updates and whats to come for 2021 from both content creators POV.




Big Ant

The “New Year , New Me!” Episode.

2020 is over!..


Tonights first episode of 2021 is a HUGE #THANKYOU to every guest , person , friends and stranger who's accompanied me this far on my journey. We discuss guests , episodes , future updates and direction of the podcast headed into 2021.


Its been a hell of a ride so far so strap in , lets get ready to rumble in 2021!


Big Ant

TRC - The 2020 & Then Some Episode.

The Year is almost over...


And tonights TRC episode we deliver a roundtable discussion on the good , bad and the ugly side of 2020 with our very own perspectives on the year as a whole.


join us as we talk about the ups and downs , personal achievements and adapting to covid and many more obstacles within the crazy year of 2020!


Was an amazing year for the podcast and we hope to see you guys with us in 2021! 




Big Ant.

TRC - Artist Spotlight: Cam’Ron.

Dipset , Dipset , Dipset!


The Rewind Clip is back with another installment of The Artist Spotlight! Tonights episode we discuss the career of infamous trendsetter himself , Cam'Ron.


We're delivering a insight of his movement with Dipset , his unique style and swag to the trendsetting waves throughout his musical run not to mention we're rating his albums and giving you our Top 5 favorite songs from the artist himself.


so kick back and tune in to the latest episode of the TRC!


Big Ant.

The Cyber-Monday 2077″ Episode

Its Cyber Monday Ya'll !


Tonights BONUS episode i'm sitting down with you guys and giving you my first impressions and slight review of the most anticipated game of 2020 , CyberPunk 2077!


We will discuss the good , the bad and the downright ugly from its highest points to the lowest. Bugs and fixes to CD actually helping its game and fanbase.


So tune in and catch a vibe !


Big Ant.

The “Short & Sweet” Episode.

A little somethin' somethin'..


Tonights comeback episode , fresh off of Thanksgiving weekend we sit down and discuss how the weekend went , the fights between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones , Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson with a mix of a little bit of everything else to close it off.


Vacation is over , we're back to work this friday! hope to see you there !


Big Ant

The “Man & His Son” Episode.

Happy Birthday to Me!


On this catch up episode we sit and talk about my birthday , my birthday weekend , my birthday wishes and a GREAT story about what happened to me at Guitar Center!


So we're playing catch up with this one , and then giving you guys a back 2 back drop on Tuesday with the TRC with Martinez Got Jokes and our special guest who is making his return to the Podcast , my boy Kam!


We're talking about the latest Versuz battle and the future of the battle(s) on IG.


Tune In & Catch a vibe!


Big Ant

TRC - The “Ice Cream Man & The Trap House” Episode.

The Versuz Keep Coming!


Tonights episode #60! We dive into an array of topics ranging from Hip hop news involving Drake, Chris Brown to the highly anticipated Versuz Season 2 kickoff match between Jeezy and Gucci Mane.


Then we switch lanes and talk about stereotypes and being stereotyped with some stories added in between . So come see who we have picked for the battle , some stories and jokes in between!


my boys Etsy store and info here: IG- @hector.y3


Also this is the KICKOFF TO SEASON 6!



Big Ant

The “Table & A Topic” Episode.

Let's Debate!


Tonights episode we talk about , well , everything ! We dive into some topics varying from AI in the world , School uniforms being mandatory to my wife's crazy idea to remodel the apartment and some random runoffs towards the end.


(and i'm calling out John from The Splits Podcast on a bowling challenge!)


So tune in and catch a vibe , TRC returns next week as well !


Big Ant

The “Mic Check” Episode.

Mic Check who is this?


Tonights super late episode we discuss some hip hop news from this week , dive into some topical questions i gathered from social media , some new updates for future podcast episodes and we step back in time as i review my very first episodes on The Can I Kick It? Podcast and give you guys a brief recap and thoughts on how much I've evolved and became a better podcaster as of late.


Tune in & Catch a vibe!


Big Ant

TRC - The “King & A Snowman” Episode.

Who you got !?


Tonights episode on the TRC we discuss the upcoming Versuz battle between TI & Jeezy. We made a list for each artist of the top 10 songs we'd like to see them use and put them up head to head!


Dive into the 85 South trio letting everyone know they will not take part of Wild'n Out without Nick as the host and finally talk about Drakes latest single off of CLB.


In between laughs and to start it off we do take views on and discuss Voting , without being or displaying a negative perspective. 


Lay back & catch a vibe !


Big Ant

The “Flashback” Episode.



Todays BONUS episode we have a sit down with my cousin Josh and our great friend Edwin.


We discuss whats new with our daily lives , play catch up on new things and dive back in time with some great campfire stories and memories!


So come catch a vibe , enjoy some great jokes & laughs with all three of us on The Can I Kick It? Podcast.


Big Ant

The “48…49..50.” Episode.



Tonights episode is special to me. We discuss the emotional roller coaster I have with The Can i Kick It? Podcast and its many guest appearances. So much that i tried to call a majority of guest to thank them personally on accompanying me on this journey!


We had some pick up , some missed calls ,some laughs and a lot of appreciation! Thank you guys , my guests , my listeners , new and old for making this possible and such a great hobby!


Tune in for the celebration!



Big Ant



TRC - The “Fear Factor” Episode.

Whats your biggest fear?




Tonights episode on The Rewind Clip we have a small discussion on Top 5 R&B Artists. Then dive into our biggest fears and top everything off with "A Day In The Life Of.." segment where we discuss how we go about our everyday life.


And in addition there was some bloopers and mishaps i kept in there so make sure to tune in and catch a vibe with the TRC Tonight!


Big Ant

The “Another One” Episode.



Tonight's catch up episode we sit and discuss Amazon's new podcasting section highlighted with DJ Khaleds very own "The Next One" podcast. I deliver a small review on it , the format and delivery of the podcast.


Then we take a look at hip hop news , Ti vs Jeezy , which could have been Busta Rhymes , A little about Tory Lanez , Drakes new album and trailer with Certified Lover Boys release date and some Can I Kick It Podcast stats as usual.


Big Ant

TRC - The “Who Said What?” Episode.

He said what?..


Tonights episode of the TRC we discuss an already spoken about topic , but from ANOTHER Podcast! Me and Chris talk about a segment on our podcast brothers "The Splits Podcast" podcast dealing with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.


Then dive deep into content creators dealing with feedback and constructive criticism. How to deal and what to look out for and our own takes on how we assess the situation(s).


Tune in & Catch a Vibe!


Big Ant

The “Sunday Vibes” Episode.

How's your Sunday going?


Tonights catch up episode we dive into some video games & some new albums!


Up first we discuss Benny The Butchers new album and Black Thoughts latest as well. Then we dive into some nerd talk and go over Hi Rez's Rouge Company and the latest installment of Call of Duty with the Black Ops: Cold War Beta thats live this weekend.


So tune in and KICK back as we get into the latest episode! P.S. - See you this Tuesday for another TRC segment.


Big Ant

TRC - The “Southern Hospitality” Episode.

Cadillac Grills , Cadillac Mills..


The Rewind Clip is back on track tonight! Today we dive into Southern Rap. We have up a small discussion of music and making music AFTER retiring from the craft , followed up by our very own Top 10 List of our favorite Southern Artists & Much more!


So tune in and catch a vibe and see if any of your personal favorites match up with our list!


Big Ant



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